Monday, 14 October 2013

Tesla Projector

Next model on the conveyor belt was the Teslar Projector man.  Rather than start a new faction, I have chosen models with equipment that reflects what I want my Darkfire Gentleman's Club to potentially have.  So Gentlemen with Guns (you will see that later), Steam Cannon guy and of course the Teslar Projector.  Here he is:

There's a little switch on the back - this is what happens when you turn the projector on:

Pretty cool.

By the way a Tesla projector is named after an inventor called Nikola Tesla who claimed to have created a particle beam or "teleforce" type laser.  Called the "death ray" by the media, it was never actually created.  Indeed, after thieves broke into his laboratory and left empty handed, he said that they stole nothing because he had committed no part of his invention to paper (let alone actually making it) and the blueprint was all in the mind.  Tells you everything really.


  1. Great figure, and backdrop. I have one ordered too on Requiem for my Gentlemans club. Cant have these Darkfire chaps having all the fun! ;-)
    Fascinating backstory too!

  2. That's a great backstory, and a nice looking figure too. I'm really enjoying all the weird and wonderful real-life stories that are behind a lot of these figures.

  3. Very cool model Dan. I'm really looking forward to playing some more Empire of the Dead with these new figures!

  4. Thanks guys. And Steve your M4A1s and priests arrived today. You have A LOT of painting ahead my friend! Looking forward to getting into the EOTD stuff too when you return.

    1. I sure do Dan, not sure where to start. Unfortunately way land removed the thunderbolt against my will. At least I got a refund and it looks like I can pick it up from our FLGS in kilburnie when I return.

  5. Awesome looking figure and paintjob. I really can't wait now!

  6. superb performance of this Projector i am using this from last few months


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