Friday, 11 October 2013

Empire of the Dead Requiem Model: Nadezhda Durova

I have finished the first of the Requiem models from Westwind: Nadezhda Durova.  She appears in the rule book and looks like this:

And here she is painted by me:

The only thing I think I could really improve on is the bases.  I sculpted the cobblestones with milliput, and my sculpting skill really are not the best.  I am thinking of getting more bases from Slave to Painting to use instead.  See here.

Apparently, she was a real person.  Born on the 17th of September 1783, she would have been 105 in 1888 when Empire of the Dead was set.  She has, then, aged rather well.  The daughter of a Russian Major she disguised herself as a man and went and fought Napoleon in 1812.  Aside from being 105 in 1888, it appears she wasn't born that much of a looker anyway:

File:Nadezhda Durova fem.jpg
Apparently had a husband and child before running away to fight

And this time as a fella:
File:Nadezhda Durova.jpg
Struggled to grow the required moustache expected of officers

So there you have it, Nadezhda Durova.  Learn something every day, don't you.


  1. Very nice paintjob, and fascinating little history - I hadnt realised the character was based on a real personage.

  2. Very nice job and and even more interesting is the background!

  3. Very cool figure and great brushwork capturing the illustration. Lovely work. Best, Dean

  4. Looks good Dan! I am very much looking forward to playing some more Empire of the Dead!

  5. Very nice, I saw this picture when I was researching her myself. Your base looks good.

  6. Yeah buddy! We made it onto Google image search. Moving up in the world.


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