Wednesday, 2 October 2013

London Bridge, zombies prohibited clickers allowed

We have been getting around quite a bit of London, our feet sore from so much walking. While walking along the Thames we watched London Bridge opening to let a sailing boat through which was interesting enough to watch.

I was thinking it could be a cool set for Empire of the Dead, the realised it may take up a bit to much of the table. I did find it interesting that the cooperation of London is opposed to zombies on the bridge. 

Probably was a good safety measure back in 1888 to stop Dans Empire of the Dead zombies from getting into unwanted places. 

Dans undead taking on a werewolf
We also went up tower 42, a good alternative to the London eye. Instead of 20gbp per person it was free to go up and you just have to have a wine for 10gbp per person instead. An expensive wine for good views of London.

The cheese grater and the shard

I haven't come across any hobby shops in London yet, just forbidden planet which I mentioned in my last post. 

In addition to this I thought I would show those who haven't been following the Empire of the Dead requiem page the photos of the painted clickers faction. I think they look very cool and I imagine we will see quite a few of these factions popping up all over the place


  1. Waiting with expectation for the EOTD guys to arrive. Just started sorting out games room, as the house took priority as you can imagine. No posts sorry because I just haven't had any hobby stuff on the go. Looks like fun in London, bridge would look cool, but the old bottle neck problem would arise. Cotswolds next is it?

    1. It's been a busy couple of months for you Dan. I hope the EotD miniatures come soon! Looking forward to seeing both the figures and the new games room.

  2. Tower bridge would be exciting to build, but would take up most of the board!

    Must admit, Victorian Zombies and Clickers are on the wants list!

  3. Agreed, tower bridge would be a bit impractical and as Dan said would take up a bit to much room. They are both very cool looking figures.


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