Monday, 28 October 2013

Sarissa's Gaslamp Alley Corner Pub

The corner pub from Sarissa's Gaslamp Alley series arrived just before the long weekend.  You can check out the Gaslamp Alley range here, which has been designed it seems for games like Empire of the Dead specifically (Victorian Steampunk 28mm).  Because Sarrissa are nice people they will not sue me for using their pictures for promotional purposes (unlike another Games Workshop Manufacturer):

I had high hopes for getting a lot of terrain work done this week while SWMBO was in Auckland.  Alas, illness restricted my output, but I did get this done.  Here it is painted up:

I added some textured paint to the first storey to give it a bit of a solid look - don't know if they had concrete render in Victorian England (doubt it), but then they didn't have infernium either did they?  Close up ground floor with Prof Erazmus:

The back:

The top:

The three levels:

It fits height wise quite well with my smaller Sarissa building of the set I had previously bought:

But looks quite nice with the bigger one, albeit a little more Upper West Side rather than East End:

I intend to add words to the signage on the front, and I will be putting the Westwind PDF posters up around my town soon.  I will post more pictures as it takes shape.

Rating wise, this is a nice piece of kit.  The levels are a bit "sticky" getting together and off, but given the number of pieces, that isn't surprising.  Sarissa Precision live up to their name - the bits are cut precisely and I have never found any issue with them.  There is a little of that MDF look that you just cannot escape - with paint, some green stuff and some creativity you minimise that, but there is always a little of that feel remaining.

In terms of building a good looking 28mm cityscape though, I do not see any better options on the market (unless Mr Bowman commercialises these little pieces here).

Next job is working out a road system and building yards and stuff in expectation of our first EOTD game when Steve comes back.  Good thing EOTD boards are only 4x4!


  1. Great work Dan - the corner pub is probably next on my build list.

    Thanks for the plug, it would certainly be interesting to see how I could 'commercialise' them!

    Looking forward to be a bit of EotD action myself :-)

  2. Excellent job Dan, it really looks the part. I've got some Sarissa buildings for Ronin, so it's good to hear your experience with them.

  3. Looks good Dan. I am looking forward to get back into some gaming soon.

  4. Thanks guys. Been setting up the table and I'm starting to feel the draw towards more Sarrisa buildings. Keen to make a cool table worthy of the game.


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