Friday, 25 October 2013

Professor Cavor (and some reflections on sickness)

I am just recovering from a rather bad gastro bug.  Not my favourite thing to have in the world, and with my wife up in Auckland with the youngest, me and my gastro bug were left to look after the 6 year old and the 4 year old (with the same bug).  Fun times. Last thing I want to do when sick is paint.  Not sure why that is, but I was lucky enough to finish painting Professor Cavor before the bug kicked in.  Here he be:

Has anyone seen my Spaceship

Is it over here?

Nope - here perhaps?

What's that strange shadow - is that my spaceship?
Without any colour guide to go from, I painted him up in the orange that was used (I think) for those cool old diving suits.  I do quite like the model, I must say, just have no idea how he would ever be used.

Prof Cavor is from HG Wells "The First Men on the Moon" - here he is in the B Grade classic 1961 adaptation:


  1. Great painting work and the figure is really nice too.
    Good choice of colours.... from a D&W movie is not easy to find the good ones.... or you have your own choice !
    I hope you're feeling better now .

  2. Nice work Dan. He has a suitably bewildered look on his face!

  3. That is very cool Dan, love the orange.

  4. Great mini, and paint job, though as you say, at little oddball for our Victorian city setting? I cant recall if I ordered that figure now, I'll have to go have a rummage in my box!

  5. Great job mate. Mines coming Monday!

  6. Superbly done! I love the helmet as well as the hairdo! Best, Dean

  7. Thanks all. He was quite a fun guy to paint.


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