Friday, 8 March 2013

X-Wing wave 2 report and thoughts

Finally, wave 2 arrived and I had the chance to take the new ships for a spin. I have managed to play 2 games. The first game I played as Imperials with a decked out slave 1 and second game with Rebels and a decked out Falcon. Once again, I won't go into huge depth but with give an overview of the game and some thoughts.


The first game I played Imperials. I feilded:
Kath Scarlet (firespray) with; Slave 1; Engine Upgrade; proton torps; Weapons engineer; Ion Cannon; 
and proximity mines. Soontir Fel (Tie Interceptor); Marksmanship; Stealth Device. Academy Pilot.
I felt like this squad was OK but as I mentioned on BGG previously I only overloaded the firespray the first game to take it for a proper trial run. I think next time I won't deck it out as much. The Rebel squad I faced was a 4 squad build of 2 x-wings, a y-wing with ion cannon turret and a A-wing. I am afraid I can't recall what the upgrades where.

The game:

To start with, one of my biggest upsets of the game, my interceptor was destroyed, by a y-wing... Or so I thought, it got 3 hits, lost its stealth device, but then I realised it was an ion-cannon so it only took one of those hits. Still I was disappointed as that was 1/3 dead. Then because I was ionised I crashed into him and he got a clear shot of my firespray.

He quickly took out my tie fighter, as you can see here it had allot of bad token on it! 

His x-wing and a-wing hunted down my interceptor and slave-1 eventually getting his x-wing destroyed and my interceptor hit the dust followed by the a-wing.

What was left in the end was a show down between his y-wing and my damaged Slave 1. He came out on top with about 3 hull left. 


Well the slave-1 was great! I would not deck it out as fully but it has some powerful weapons and really packs a punch. I also though equipping it with engine upgrade giving it boost was important as it ment I could always position the front or auxiliary guns for firing   The interceptor is good but 3 hull sucks! I think the A-wing is defiantly the better of the 2, though it only has 2 attack the addition of shields and missiles is fantastic. Next time I will use the slave but will not deck it out. I think the interceptor is in order again also as it made some good shots here and there. 

Rebels report with the falcon. 

Next I had a game as the rebels. Like the other I decked out the Falcon as well as the a-wing in a 2 ship build. This gathered a bit of critique on BGG when I suggested this squadron but it ended up working a treat. (although i had a fair amount of luck). The squad was Lando Calrissian (Falcon) -Mellennium Falcon -Engine upgrade -Luke Skywalker - Nien Nunb -Homing missiles -Veteran instincts. Tycho Chelchu -Elusiveness -assault missiles - stealth device This was against a 5 squadron Imperial build. 

The A-wing was amazing! It zipped around getting hits here and there including a sucesful multiple hit with assult missiles, this killed his interceptor and wounded a tie. He avoided fire with its stealth device and elusiveness. Being Tycho elusiveness worked well as he doesn't care much about stress. 

The falcon looked great as it lumbered around the board. I just felt however, though it is a tank it doesn't hit as hard as I would like. Maybe this is because I just played with the slave which can have some powerful upgrades. However it could take a lot of damage and give back hard enough. I am interesting in trying the outer rim smuggler some time but only 2 attacks worries me. 

All in all it was a success, I defeated the empire with no wounds to my A-wing and no shields left on my falcon with some pretty lucky rolls. 

Overal thoughts? 

Wave 2 is amazing! It really adds some great diversity to the game. I love sitting down and planning potential squadrons, though getting frustrated I can never get everything I want in there. 

See my wave 1 session report here: also check out my BGG profile steveisatree. 

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