Monday, 4 March 2013

X-wing and Wings of War

To celebrate the release of x-wing wave 2, I thought I would play a pre games night game of wave 1 before my wave 2 ships get posted out. This is less of a session report and more of a comment on a session.

However on a seemingly unrelated note, I have to skite. I went to a fair in Newtown, Wellington where I live yesterday and a friend pointed out to me an op-shop selling euro-games.

I managed to score, Plethora a game designed by a NZ designer. La Strada by Martin Wallace who now lives in NZ. Also Saga and Wings of war were in the mix. Total? $14 NZD. I almost feel like I stole them. Speaking about op-shops, the x-wing photos were taken with a standard 18-55mm lens one of 3 macro/close up lens attachment I got from an op-shop for $10NZD, score! 

The reason why I mention this is that I noticed Wings of War has allot similarities to X-Wing and I wonder if X-Wing was inspired by this game. Just a thought...

X-wing Report

So our game consisted of, no surprises, a Rebel and Imperial side. I took control of the Rebels and Matt, Imperials. 

I used 2 y-wings, which I love and one X-wing. Matt on the other hand used a tie advanced and four tie fighters. 

Soooo... The game was a walk over, the Rebels took some hard hits early on in the game but with the use of R2-D2 most of these were recovered and the Imperials got pasted.

In the end Rebels out manoeuvred the Imperials this game which gave them the victory, no pilots downed. As you can see by this photo, there was some slight flight traffic. 

A huge plus for the Rebel side is the use of the y-wings ion-canon turret. It has the ability in hugely imobilise the Imperials. I managed to keep Marek Steel in the tie advanced stuck, only moving one forward while unable to remove his stress of a large portion of the game. 

Stay tuned as I am looking forward to another pre-games night session with the wave 2 expansions. I plan to do a proper session report when the time comes. 

Red pilot out.

Photos taken with a Canon 600d and a basic 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 with a + 1 macro/close up lens attachment. 

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