Sunday, 10 March 2013

Introducing the Peelers

Following on from Introducing The Athenaeum Club we now will introduce 'The Peelers". This is the second faction in our current Empire of the Dead campaign. This is a Gentleman's faction. Just a side note, these are the first miniatures I have painted so the paint jobs are not 100%.

Lieutenant Gordon (the president) who flies a steam gyrocopter, wields an axe and shoots a shotgun. His marksmanship is also improved by 1 after our first game.

Lucien the Librarian (the vice president) who wields the spirit cannon. He was inspired by Lucien the librarian, ex-raven, form Neil Giaman's Sandman.

Inspector Lestrade (the membership) who shoots a heavy pistol and hits a home run with his baseball bat. 

The membership from left to right; Constable Rupert (knife, light pistol); Constable Charles (knife, bulls eye lantern and hunting rife); and Constable Thomas (heavy pistol)

Constable Rupert "the mad" who is mentioned above has certainly had a difficult life. In his previous campaign he became unhinged. Once again he has suffered the same fate! Naturally he takes on a slightly different appearance once unhinged. 

Cedric Hyde who is in the Peelers custody will help out now and then for a shilling or two. 

Due to our most recent game the Peelers have sustained significant injury. Rupert is insane, Thomas and Inspector Lestrade are captured by the Lycaons and fortunately Lucien only suffered a flesh wound. Lieutenant Gordon gained 1 marksmanship after the first game. There will be some new weapons added to the team as well as some rearrangement of equipment by next game so what is listed here is subject to change. Check out the faction on Umpire of the Dead for up to date information on the Peelers.  


  1. Looking good Steve. They will be given a good work out tomorrow night.

  2. A fine looking faction and good paintwork for a first go!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I can rescue Thom and Lestrade tonight!


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