Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Empire of The Dead Campaign Begins

Tonight we started our new EOTD campaign.  My Darkfire Gentleman's club (The Athenaeum) against Steve's Peelers and Chris' Lycaon factions.  I set up the board using a mash up of the streets of malifaux card set, the Hobbit goblin patforms, some 15mm bocage from FOW and a few other things.  Scene was a Victorian wharf:

Rolled for a scenario and got fracas, which involves reducing the other faction to 25% or less.  We each had six models, so we needed four kills to take out a faction.  Having three factions is always interesting - two can gang up on one quite easily.  Steve got to choose his corner and went for the high ground (the streets), Chris the ruins and me the tower.

First round Steve discombolutes my Huntsman with a "10", which got me grumpy and sort of heralded what was to come really. Next few rounds I downed one of Chris' wolfskins before Chris' feral wolfpack charges in at Steve, who for some unknown reason pushed himself into charge territory.  Before the round was out, Constable Rupert and Inspector Lestrade were down:

Maintenance phase next turn and Lestrade rolls a 9 on wound effect and is removed from play.  Steve retreats the Librarian and Steve's other Constable.  Both die after taking multiple hits in combat (with Chris having the +2 charge bonus) and so Steve was broken.  Early shower for him.

Meanwhile I had taken out one of Chris' wolfskins with my gatling gun.  I moved the bulk of my force forward, leaving the Huntsman and the gatling gun behind to cover.  This was a mistake - I needed all the guys I could get in combat and leaving two back who could not shoot into combat anyway was a silly mistake.  Sneaking up on Chris I took out another of his wolfskins with Mikey the Menonite.  Chris had no ranged weapons now, but stupidly I stood and fought him then, rather than running and picking him off with my superior firepower:

I did not realise just how strong the Lycaon were in combat. Despite the odds stacked against me, I almost turned the fight, but my high rolling on the wound effect table took out four of my guys in quick succession, while Chris kept rolling flesh wounds:

Steve and I were left more than a little stunned at the power of the Lycaon.  Chris had collected 68 shillings from his nights work, me 24 and Steve 14.  Chris did have my rules all week though, meaning I did buy my equipment without looking at the stats properly, but that was no really excuse for some further tactical blunders this week.  Steve and I have resolved to go away and plot our revenge - so tune in next week when Steve and I have to rescue three of our number who have been captured by the enemy.  A rather powerful Lycaon faction awaits.

Those injured by the Lycaon 

I do love EOTD - I like the characters, the rules and the game play.  And having the Lycaons truely brings a whole new dimension to the game from the hide and shoot game Steve and my gentleman's factions were playing previously.


  1. Nice setting, looks a great game.
    Judging from the bones scattered around the wharf, I wonder if the Lycaon faction had been there earlier too and finished off the dock workers and other waifs and strays as a pre-game snack!? ;-)
    Looking forward to your next venture...

  2. If we have anything to do about it will be the last meal they get. Revenge this Monday...


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