Monday, 11 March 2013

Empire of the Dead: Rescue the Captives

Game 2 of the EOTD campaign saw me and Steve team up against Chris and Matt's Lycaon faction to try and rescue the three members that were captured last week.  Just to recap, Chris annihilated Steve and me last week and the two of us spent the next week plotting revenge.  The outcome was a slightly unbalanced game that saw Chris fighting The Athenaeum Club and the Peelers.  Scenario was rescue the prisoner and the set up was the Lycaon lair somewhere on the outskirts of town:

The Lair (with Prisoners hidden) and Chris' finger

I split my faction, with President and Erazmus (as a member) on one side and the Vice President (Lord Percival) and the huntsman on the other.  Steve did the same.  The plan was some sort of pincer movement.  Lord Percival and the Huntsman started the night's festivities by shooting unconvincingly:

Lord Percival unleashes with his gatling gun

On the other side of the board, Steve drifted too close to the Beastlord and got himself charged:

Lieutenant Gordon and Constable engage the Beastlord

Having pulled the Beastlord out of the lair, my President (Viscount Horatio) and Erazmus lured the Packlord out to the trees on the other side of the table before charging him:

Viscount Horatio and Eramus take out the Packmaster in the trees

Despite their throwing weapons doing nothing in the charge, and Erazmus falling in the combat, the Viscount with his exo-skeleton finally did the business and took out the Packmaster.

Lord Percival, with help from the Huntsman took care of two of the wolves who had charged out to attack them and suddenly it was looking bad for Chris and Matt.

 Inspector Lestrade and his bobby in support downed another wolf, which meant that Chris and Matt had lost three of their faction, with another down, leaving three on the table.  The wolfskins tested for bravado, lost, and promptly ran from the field.  Steve then mopped up the Beastlord he was in conflict with and I took care of the last down wolf:

Lieutenant Gordon defeats the Beastlord

Rupert the insane got a little confused and ended up with the Lyacons:

Poor Lost Rupert...

This was a great game - not just because I won and because Steve and I got revenge on Chris but because it was truly competitive.  There were more than a few tetchy moments over rules issues and whether the dice was cocked, but with a few beers it was all in good spirits.  Steve and I shared the winning shillings reward so got 10 shillings each, as did Chris for losing (which was debated long and hard)  Final points: Dan 36 shillings, Steve 21 and Chris/Matt 20.

Must say it doesn't quite work with three factions in my mind.  The scenarios are designed for two and it feels a bit hard to fit them into three.  Maybe with the four of us we need to run two simultaneous games each night as part of the same campaign - now that would be something.  Vampire or Brotherhood faction anyone?


  1. Good looking fun though must admit, 3 player skirmish games nearly always end up as a 2 vs 1, OR 2 fight it out while the watches then mops up both later... The game is better suited to 1 on 1.

    Rumor has it a vampire has taken residence in Kapiti...

    1. 2v2 could work, but who knows what could happen.

    2. Hey Scott,f your Vamps come out at night. Monday night is when we meet. Though there is an Easter break coming.

    3. I think 2 vs 2 could lead to some odd stuff happening, especially in post game sequence. Probably better to host 2 x 1 vs 1 games if you have the space and terrain?

      I'll have to see If I can get a nod from SWMBO for a Monday night leave pass...

      Easter I am hosting a mini FOW MW 1500pts tournie for my local group...

    4. Let us know if you get leave. I have 3 kids (5, 3, 0.5) so I know what it is like. FOW tournie is prob a bit early for me. I have an FJ army and a British Household Guard with a Sherman and infantry attachments but both about 1,000 points. Never got my head around the rules and I would probably be eaten alive. But next time I will see. Chris was just saying he wouldn't mind a tournie so I gave him tHe 3rd ed FOW rules to read. Lets see if he stays keen!

  2. Dan you failed to mention you totally stole the kill from the wolf I downed.

  3. Stole is such a subjective, emotional term. And talking about that would have just detracted from my total domination.


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