Saturday, 2 March 2013

Introducing The Athenaeum Club

With our Empire of the Dead campaign about to start I thought I would introduce you to my gentleman's club faction: The Athenaeum.

They were going to be a good club and hire in Sherlock and Holmes, but now I think they will be a Darkfire club so I can get the zombies on the table.  The miniatures are from Lead Adventure.  I had ordered the boxed set from Maelstrom, but well we all know how that ended up...

Here they are:

Viscount Horatio "The Spanner" (President)

Lord Percival the Pneumonic (Vice President)
Cecil Longstocking (Secretary)

The Members

Professor Erazmus

Sherlock and Watson

The Zombies Part 1

The Zombies Part 2


  1. Very nice, I like the choice of characters as well.

  2. Thanks Simon, the Umpire of the Dead site, which tracks campaigns, encourages you to name them all so you can keep track of their injuries/abilities. The names have stuck. Steve should post some pictures of his lot soon.

    1. I would but I am afraid they are at games club.

  3. Oooooh these are great! Looking forward to reading of their exploits!

  4. Thanks Scott - Monday night gaming night is up tonight so stay posted...


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