Thursday, 14 March 2013

Empire of the Dead Bedlam Brotherhood.

I noticed that West Wind added the 'Bedlam Brotherhood' to the kickstarter campaign as a stretch goal. That along with the Supernatural Branch are the two new factions I am the most interested in. Here is the advertisement.

Maybe its because by day I am a psychiatric nurse but these guys look like they have awesomeness potential. Here is the description of them:

"Those who survive the Red Death, (the disease which creates Zombies) walk the line between worlds. They see the real and the ethereal, ghosts and phantoms rise from the ashes to haunt theses unfortunate few. The Bedlam Brotherhood see the world as it is and as it will be, they have foretold the coming of the Reapers. Their task on earth is to prepare the way. 
In the rat run of tunnels and cellars beneath old Bedlam Asylum the Bedlamites have built a sanctuary; do not enter this place for all you hold dear will be washed away into utter madness!"

 It reminds me of these Carnevale models I noticed a while back.

My only problem is, though I would probably keen to add 20 to Dan and my pledge for these I feel uncertain about how they will look. I mean buying something even though you don't know how it will look seems a bit funny. Well only a week and a bit till the Kickstarter closes so better decide soon! 

Check out the new Clickers faction here


  1. Thats my only issue with the stuff thats further down the line. Not much concept art for them.

    I've got a £100 early bird at the minute and nearly have raised the cash to up it to £200 meglamaniac.

    It all looks good so far.

    1. Agreed. It's a pain wondering if it's worth investing in what probably will be awesome but has no concept art.

  2. They are cool figures but it kinda makes you wonder what their attack mode will be... shamble forward and 'nut' you, or fall on the floor and bite your ankles! ;-)

    1. I must admit they don't look like they would pose a great threat.

  3. I hope they have some madness powers ala world of darkness Malkavians


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