Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Botanical Gardens of Julius Forbes-Talbot

One of the settings that has always appealed to me in Empire of the Dead is the Botanical Gardens of Julius Forbes-Talbot.  We have not yet given it a real go in our gaming and I wanted to get some terrain on the board that would give something of a feel for the gardens and the crazy, dangerous plants that populate it.

A trip to the $2 shop generated some funky looking plants, which I then cut down to size and based:

Thanks $2 Shop

I then decided to go a little more exotic and got some fairly garish flowers for the more exorbitant $2.50 and did the same thing with them.  Ugly as they are, they do have a radius of around 2" - 3", which is perfect for the effect of the plants in the rules:

A Lovely Addition to any Gaming Table

I also braved Games Workshop again, and after fighting off many inquisitive questions and sales pitches managed to escape with the one thing I actually wanted: The Gardens of Morr.  I have thought about this for a while - there are lots (and I mean lots) of skulls all over the damn thing, which I wish GW would move on from.  But the crypts are cool and the fencing etc is very helpful.  Some of the fencing had a tendency to fall over so I put them on those big iceblock sticks and based them up.  Here are some of the pieces:

So I have set them up into a bit of a garden, all ready for our next gaming night (family issues last Monday lead to that being cancelled and then I'm away for Easter so it will be a couple of weeks.  The gaming table is ready and waiting though:
Skulls, skulls, skulls

And just in case, a few more skulls...


  1. Brilliant the big flowers fit the theme nicely.

    1. Thanks Simon. Checked out your brotherhood on your site. They look great. I have been wondering about a second faction, these guys a cool but I'm thinking the clickers may draw me in instead.

  2. Great stuff - a trip to a pet shop will also find you some plastic aquarium plants that will be equally useful!
    I like Gardens of Morr set, but as you say, too many skulls... I suppose they could be concealed with putty? Or Dremeled out?

    1. Thanks guys. Recall seeing your exotic plants for the pirate game Scott and yes they would fit well. I may increase the collection in the next few weeks. After dremelling out the skulls on the realm of battle board, I had lost the enthusiasm really. Maybe a job for another day.


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