Monday, 2 September 2013

Empire of the Dead requiem is finished!

While I was drinking my morning coffee and catching up on facebook I noticed a small post from West Wind Productions...

Looks like we can expect to see our miniatures soon! There isn't really a huge amount more that I can say about this. If you haven't read the update on the kickstarter page here is the main body

I am VERY pleased to report to you today that I finished the sculpting for EotD Requiem last night - Hooray!!!

This final set of sculpts will complete the last factions/characters/steam machines, ie. Clickers, Bedlam Brotherhood, Chinese Tong, Nemo & Crew, Famous Authors, Criminal Gang, Professor Gecko, The Invisible Man, Steam Knight and Mechana-Bat, together with some of the drivers for the coaches and carriages. Oh, the only thing I haven't finished is the weapons sprue, but that wont take too long to do.  So, master moulding is underway, then production moulding, then production casting on these final models will commence.

Shipping will COMMENCE, Wednesday 4th September; that is not to say that everyone's rewards will be shipped on the commencement date. Shipping will proceed in waves, commencing Vampire Hunter pledge level on the 4th September, through all pledge levels until fulfilment is complete.  Not sure how long this will take through to the end but we will have a clearer picture once we get into the shipping phase of the project. Wendy will keep you posted on how things are going and on which pledge level is due to ship, via regular updates throughout September and as long as fulfilment takes to finish up.  We will email you a few days prior to your rewards being despatched. That way you can watch out for your goodies!  We can't wait to get rewards out to you all and hear what you think.  When we do start the shipping phase, I kindly ask for your patience.  Many thanks.

There is some more stuff written including some positive feedback about the models so read the whole post here. Well I am excited but I am not expecting to get the models before September the 21st when my wife and I head overseas to Europe for a six week holiday. Anyway check out some of the pictures of the first models completed from requiem.

Nice stuff. It is suffice to say I am pretty excited. After all Empire of the Dead is the game which convinced me to start painting and the game is a lot of fun! Check out some of our sessions by clicking on the Empire of the Dead label.


  1. Excellent news. Can't wait to get my Lycaons and let them loose on the streets of Old Blighty. Owwoooooo!!!!

    1. The Lycaons are very cool! I let Chris use my Lycaon models in our previous campaign. I love the up close and personal nature of them which is different to shooting game the other factions lean towards. I am looking forward to escaping bedlam with the Bedlam Brotherhood!

  2. Indeed woohoo. I shall Expect mine mid towards end of September but its worth the wait.

  3. Excellent looking characters.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Looking forward to seeing people's models painted up. Unfortunately with going on a 6 week holiday (which isn't really that unfortunate) and trying to compleat my flames of war US armoured tank company I probably won't get round to these guys till December.


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