Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Games workshop in Paris.

We made it, and I think I may even have time to churn out the occasional post about our travels, of course related to gaming. This will enable me to keep my family and our followers happy, at the same time. 

On our way through Paris to catch a train to Loire Valley we came across a games workshop. However  it seems that they don't open on Mondays. In the end a very unexciting part of our sight seeing. Plus i'm not really interested in any games workshop stuff currently. On a more positive note I like the space invader on the left of the building.

Au revori. 


  1. I'm currently working in Lyon, only about 450km away.

    It's likely the closest orbit that the 50mm Games Room and Scrivsland blogs will have for the next eleven months. :)

    Not bad as the separation is usually 18500km, but I do plan to be in Auckland next August.

    1. My wife's whanau (family) is from Auckland so who knows, we might cross paths!

  2. I think all GW stores close on Mondays - and maybe Tuesday - I think. They do here in WA State at least. Best, Dean

  3. Bonjour Steve! Good to see you're having fun and still getting posts in. Games room all packed up right now like most of the house, so glad you're keeping things up to date.

  4. Not only games workshops, the post offices don't open either, along with some others. It can be a pain at times!

  5. Thanks for all your comments. It's good to see worlds almost connecting Max and Paul. Dan I am looking forward to seeing the new games room, speaking of which I have seen some pretty impressive games rooms the last few days, posts to come. In the end I think it is probably a good thing closing on a Monday, heck everyone needs a break right?


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