Thursday, 19 September 2013

Loose Ends

Well it is almost time for take off and I thought I should tie up some loose ends.

The new Airbus and personal assistant Robbie
My wife and I are heading off to Europe for a trip through France, the UK, Italy, and Slovenia (plus a few hours in Croatia). The last few weeks have been busy with moving and working on some last minute tasks so I haven't painted a heck of a lot. However here is what I have done out of my Armoured Rifle Platoon for the Yanks.

Completed so far

Half tracks will have numbers to correspond with the teams they carry

Platoon command section

LMG team and bazooka team
I think they are looking A OK. However my bases are pretty simple, which I like. I think the flock grass has a cleaner look to static grass. When I get back I may add some extra foliage to give them a tad more intrigue.

One key loose end I have been trying to sort out is Wayland. They are in my bad books right now. Four weeks after I have ordered (as mentioned in a previous post here) and they are still trying to get my thunderbolt in stock. They said it should take 3-9 days for this to happen. Grumble. I tried to get them to split the order and send my tanks and priests separately however they flat out refused unless I paid an extra fee (it wasn't really that large to their credit).

I am not sure what to do now. Cancel my order or just the thunderbolt in fear of never getting anything or wait it out. After all I am away 6 weeks, it will probably be sitting in Dan's office (where I send my packages to) when I get home.  Anyhow any ideas on where to go from here or similar experiences? Either way both Dan and I think it is pretty annoying these places can sell you stuff, and take your money for items they don't even have! I think I will start ordering with Caliver books now because at least they don't make any promises.

Well I am off for 6 weeks now. Dan will be master and commander of the blog so keep checking for posts. Hell I may even make a post or two while I am overseas.


  1. Have a good holiday see you when you return
    Peace James

  2. Have a good holiday, No Idea what to suggest about Waylands. If your going away for 6 weeks I'd leave it and kick off when you get back if you still haven't received demand some sort of compensation especially if its out of there expected due date.

  3. Yes Bon voyage Steve. Bit worried about the responsibility of maintaining the blog - with us moving and all I am not going to be doing too much painting and gaming. The yanks look really good - looking forward to blowing them up when you get back. And regarding Wayland - I think my Maelstrom experience has made me really wary. I saw that they were offering free shipping the other day and I thought "and so it begins again". Perhaps unfair, but you know where I am coming from. You ought to get yourself a good lawyer you know....

  4. Have a good trip Steve. Is Wayland in the UK? Maybe you could drop in on them? "I got so sick of waiting, I came over to pick it up!", see what they come back with :-)

  5. Thanks everyone. Some good thoughts about Wayland especially yours Paul, nothing like a face to face visit. I think I will kick back for now, enjoy my trip and hope for the best. If it is getting near the PayPal reclaim period I will aim to get my money back as I missed out with Maelstrom. Though I doubt Wayland is going under as it seems this is not to unusual for them.

    I am sure people can handle a few less posts Dan. Good luck with moving houses and more importantly the game room!

  6. Have a good trip Steve, say high to ol' Blighty for me... I haven't been back in 8.5 years...

    Nice looking Yanks Steve, looking forward to having a crack at them.

    I hear your frustration re-Wayland, and I know we all learned some lessons from the Maelstrom fiasco... however as you say, I dont think Wayland are going under... they will supply, but the wait can be frustrating... no doubt it will be waiting on your return ... but check the parcel carefully... if being delivered to Dan, I have a sneaking suspicion he may have a look inside and remove said Thunderbolt and reseal pack... "Thunderbolt? What thunderbolt... moi?" I doubt his Germans want to get shot up by it! ;-)

  7. Great work on some "last minute" projects before your trip. Best, Dean

  8. Thanks Scott and Dean. Thanks for your advice re: Wayland, and yes it probably was a mistake to send to Dan!

  9. Great looking units...and post!


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