Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Ultimate Games Room

While in France we visited Loire Valley to see a few castles. One of my favourites was Chambord which was built for King Francois as a hunting lodge. Once it was constructed he only spent 40 something days there and decided he didn't like it so moved on.

Unfortunately I didn't take that photo. One of the best feature of this castle was the games room:

Once again I lost my photos but here is one I found to the Internet. It is a very impressive room looking over the moat and grassy plains of France. It has a very large fireplace to keep everyone warm while they enjoy a beer and some billiards. I also imagine a game of Eclipse, Settlers of Catan, and Empire of the Dead would occur every now and then. 

They even designed the place with a separate cards room: 

Oh and don't forget the trophy room, you have to have a place to show off you victories after all.

So here is something to aspire to for our next games room which I imagine Dan will be constructing soon. Just to update you of our location, we are now in London after taking a train with Victoria Beckham (aka the spice girl) there. I didn't actually see her, or if I did I probably wouldn't have noticed as I have no idea what she looks like. 


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