Friday, 30 August 2013

German Camo: Waddaya think?

So I am painting up some nebelwerfers (nebs as they are lovingly referred to) and thought I would whip up some different camouflage styles for my Germans.

As a support platoon to my Fallshirmjager army, they are not part of the FJ or Luftwaffe branches of the Wehrmacht, but rather the "Heer" or land based.  So I thought I would do some different camouflage on them.  I have painted each team a different style, and will mix them all up at the end.  Team one was painted with my "traditional: FJ camo (even though they are not FJ):

The three teams as a WIP
As an aside, does anyone else make up silly names for their German military paraphernalia: - panzer-stuffer, panzer-muncher, panzer fluff chucker.  I hate to think what we are going to do with nebelwerfers - noodle chuckers?
Team One with my usual FJ Camo
Then I used the camo tutorial over at the Flames of War site (see: here).  Yes I know that they are SS, but they just look cool.  First team using the "Plane Tree" pattern:

Not their final position - going to mix them all up at the end

Then I did the "oak leaf" pattern:

So what do you think of my noggin-wackers and the various styles?  Still have the command and observer to do, so open to all new suggestions.


  1. They look fine Dan, I think its pretty much anything goes at this scale - I usually start with a pale cream base tone, and do stripes /spots of green and brown then shade wash and very light drybrush with theh original cream, works for me...

  2. I like them, they look good to the eye and will look better again when based as well.

  3. They are great! Looking forward to seeing them on the field.


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