Sunday, 16 June 2013

Theoden and the Royal Guard

Next on the painting conveyor belt is Theoden foot and mounted.  I got both models (like a lot of my LOTR fellas) from ebay where they are nice and cheap.  Both are from the Two Towers Theoden models that were released.  The Theoden on foot is a superb model, except it seems strangely small alongside the other 28mm Rohan models.

Here is the mounted version:

Snowmane was a challenge with it being all white - I have now worked out a system for painting black, but still to get to grips with getting sufficient shadow into pure white.  Close up:

It is a little known fact that Theoden was actually cross-eyed

And Theoden on foot:

The hair blowing across the face gives this model a great heroic look, in my view:

I have two companies of Royal Guard on foot now.  With Gamling holding the Royal Banner, and Theoden and Hama beside him, I now have the full contingent for War of the Ring (not that I am likely to play it anytime soon!).  Here are the companies:

Next up will be Erkenbrand's riders.


  1. Nice job love Theodens armour looks really ornate and fit for a king of men.

  2. Very nice paintjob with Theoden!!

  3. Many thanks all for your kind comments

  4. Very nice work on all of these - haven't done LOTR yet, but they look cool, indeed. Best, Dean


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