Sunday, 30 June 2013

Flames of War Open Fire - Germans

We had our first games club excursion yesterday to our FLGS, The Hobby Stop. Chris and I decided to  get some of our own FOW troops so acquired a copy of Open Fire a large box set containing a lot of stuff for just $95NZD.

Box art
The box has British tanks and American paratroopers which Chris claimed and I took the Germans which we will have a look into soon. It also came with the rule book, easy rules, some cardboard landscape. We haven't quite worked out how to split that yet.


The German infantary company comes with three platoons of infantry  If you are using the suggested company there is; one Grendierkompanie HQ which has two command panzerfaust SMG teams and a panzershreck team; Two Grenadier plattons with six rifle/MG teams (or three squads) and a command panzerfaust SMG team each. I am a bit disappointed as I lost one of the command SMG teams officer models.

Here they are on my 'tidy' painting desk

It also came with two PaK40 guns with a HQ section and 3 StuGs making up a Panzer Platoon.

The PaK40 guns were hard to assemble due to
very small parts so took a minor beating during assembling
The Command StuG G tank, I hope I got the right guy. 

The set is pretty cool and a good way to start off a Flames of War collection... I hope. My only complaint would be the American and German infantry were on the same trays without any order at times so it took a little time to work out who was who when cutting them out.

It also came with a random V1 flying bomb which looks like it will be a neat objective. Although I could swear there was a photo on the FOW website which had a (mad) scientist model standing next to it in a lab coat. There were no mad scientists to be found in the box.

The V1 flying bomb.

I am looking forward to painting these guys up and taking them for a spin on the table. I will keep the blog updated.


  1. Looking good Steve. Think I might have a spare German officer in my bits box you could you. Don't think 3 stugs makes a panzer platoon (being assault guns not panzers) but sweet as. Looking forward to them being painted up and having some battles. Mad scientist guy was a recent deal on the FOW site for some thing else.

  2. Huh that's funny, the suggested army list that comes in open fire calls it a panzer platoon. The forces book calls it an assault gun platoon which does sounds more accurate being stugs and all. That would be awesome if I could borrow a spare model.

    I really wanted that mad scientist. Pity.

    1. It can depend on the list, often a 'panzer platoon' might give you a choice of taking StuGs or PzIVs.

      Great to see you guys getting into FoW.

      I concur with RedDog about the BluTac trick, very useful!

      When you come to the metal and resin tanks and vehicles, I'd recommend a suitable superglue with an accelerator like zipkicker - instantly sets the superglue with a quick squirt.

  3. I'll look forward to seeing these with a lick of paint on 'em!

  4. I like the detail in the plastic, very nice.

  5. Wow - nice haul - I like that V1. Hope that missing figure turns up. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks. Looks like Dan has a spare guy I can recruit to fill the spare hole.

  6. The Open Fire set is a great purchase, not only for value for money but all the items in the box are going to be useful on an ongoing basis. I have found blu-tack is my best friend when assembling battlefront gun teams, they are a fiddly f%*&#ng nightmare!

    1. Thanks for the advice i will try out blu-tack next time. I am it two minds whether I prefer miniatures which require assembly or not. It certainly made the Empire of the Dead guys easy to get started on.

  7. Hi Dan, Saw you expressed a possible interest in my Jungle terrain. Could you please forward me your email adress, so I can send you a price list of the jungle pieces?


    Btw, that FOW boxed set looks great value for the money!

    1. Yes. Email me on danielv AT tdsl dot co dot nz.



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