Thursday, 27 June 2013

Flames of War Begins...

Flames of War has come to 50mm Game Room!  Monday night saw four of us (me, Steve Chris and Don) gather for an epic 410 point vs 420 point FOW match up.  Two platoons of British Infantry (with Company Command) and two platoons of Fallshirmjager with CC as well.

We decided to keep it small in order to gain familiarity with the rules, before bringing in tanks, anti tank guns and the like.  Here is the set up:

Before set up. The grass is very green. 
It was a fair fight scenario, with two objectives placed by each side and no reserves.  Naturally each side pushed up to the village:

The Brits move up

Don and I played the Germans and I suggested that Don assault into the houses, so we could play through the assault rules.
As the Germans prepare themselves for their assault, a strange giant sheep silently watches...
Said assault did not go too well.  I think we got the rules right, but Don got spanked.  Need to remember that pinning a platoon before assaulting halves the defensive fire...

The Brits took out the remaining teams in the Train Station
The Germans were left with three teams and fell back ultimately to the trees
A little cocky now, Steve started to push forward to kill off Don's platoon entirely and take the objective.

On the right flank, Chris' platoon exited cover for reasons best explained by him and failed to hit the FJ's in the trees and in the building.  In their turn they pinned Chris' platoon and then ripped him apart in the assault.  He failed motivation and his remaining teams fled the battle.
Just before the assault
Steve, who just minutes before thought he was about to win, now raced back to stop me taking the objective:
On the move back
He got in behind cover and tried to hold on:

However the last of Donald's platoon moved in for the kill destroying the British's hope for victory, and taking the objective:


  1. Good looking and sounding batrep Dan.

  2. Hey Dan, nice looking game, great to see you up and running with FoW. Whoever wins the assaults in infantry games usually wins the game, but pinning a veteran infantry platoon with only your own infantry platoon is a difficult task!
    Looking forward to meeting up with you guys at Scott's sometime soon :-)


    1. Thanks Paul - Steve and Chris just got Open Fire yesterday and are getting into painting them up now - so FOW is definately becoming our primary game. We are looking forward to being able to learn a bit more and hope to be able to get up the coast shortly.

  3. It was a good game. My only thoughts were that a 2 platoon game increases the luck because if your squadron runs away due to a failed moral check it is devastating! Loosing half your force is no fun. However as a trial game it was fun. Looking forward to trying out a few tanks.

    1. Next time we add in a couple of support platoons I think. You ought to have some of Open Fire painted up by then too


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