Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Kingdom of Rohan Army

I have now completed* my Rohan army.  Much of the hard work was done over a year ago, but true to form I had not quite finished it off.  The last few weeks have seen me get out the heroes and paint them up, complete the Royal Banner and finish a few troops needed to fill out the ranks.
*subject to one more banner bearer

The assembled army

There is still one more piece I need though, and that is a banner bearer to accompany Erkenbrand.  I had originally made this formation with Gandalf beside Erkenbrand, with an eye on a Helms Deep scenario.  But that only goes so far, and also magic in WOTR is a bit of a pain in my view.  Thus a space beside Erkenbrand for a banner bearer.  In the photos Erkenbrand has Eomer's banner bearer and Eomer has Gamling with Royal Banner (even though he is also in the Royal Guard formation).  

When I get around to a new painted banner bearer it will go to Erkenbrand's riders and Eomer will get his back.

The army is made up of:
  1. Two companies of Royal Guard on foot, with banner, Hama, Gamling and Theoden.  See link and here.
  2. Six companies of Erkenbrand's riders with banner.  See link here.
  3. Four copanies of Grimbold's Helmingas
  4. Two companies of archers.
  5. Four companies of Riders led by Eomer.
  6. Treebeard.
  7. On the subs bench: Theoden mounted, Erkenbrand and Eomer on foot.
Grimbold's Helmingas I often put in the center with the Royal Guard to hold the middle:

Grimbold's Helmingas
Close up of Grimbold (center) Banner and Hornblower
 The archers pick somewhere with a vantage point and some cover:

The Captain of the Archers, who forgot his bow but brough his pet orc
Eomer on the right flank with his riders:

Eomer and his Rohirrim

Treebeard roams around making a mess:

Treebeard in mid battle contemplation pose

A couple more army shots:

Theres 80 foot and 20 mounted models + Treebeard there


  1. Very nice mate. That is a cracking looking army. I was looking at Hasslefree's new Tree men for there WW1 Halfling and I though it would make a good end especially with its rock arm.

    1. I found a kickstarter project by Black Hat miniatures with WW1 French halflings and German goblins. It looked very unique, I couldn't find the tree men though, so will have to trust you on that one.

  2. As Fran said, a most impressive army!

  3. Beautiful sight - very impressive and love that Treebeard guy. Best, Dean

  4. Thanks Guys. From such accomplished painters tat is high praise indeed!

  5. You have a great and well painted collection! The army seems to be very powerful!
    Keep on your good work!


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