Thursday, 15 August 2013

Delivery by Recon

As soon as I finished my American armoured division recce platoon Dan came down my stairs (as we are temporary neighbours) with a delivery. My M4A1s and armoured rifle platoon arrived! The minis look pretty good so looking forward to painting them up. Next up I will order another M4A1 platoon, M4 mortar halftracks, priests and a thunderbolt. Anyway enough faf, here are some shots of my newly painted recon platoon.

Here they are, troops mounted, riding off into the sunset.

The whole platoon consists of; M4 halftrack with .50 AA MG and caries the command rifle team and bazooka team; two jeeps with optional AA MGs and a rifle team per jeep. The bazooka team and the extra jeep and rifle recon section are optional.

The bazooka team, if you look closely you can tell the guy at the back right has a distorted face... He was bullied at school and his only duty is to cary explosive ammo.

Here is my recon squad dismounted. I still find it hard to utilise recon, but if there was any use assaulting StuGs from behind would be awesome (it probably is a bad idea but why not)! You probably have also noted that I have given my solders the American cammo uniforms. I like these uniforms because the camo hides any mistakes and the back story. These uniforms were handed out to certain companies including the 2nd Armoured Division (Hell on Wheels), unfortunately they didn't tell any of the other Allies that these were being rolled out. It was at a time where if people were wearing cammo they were generally suspected to be Germans so there was a few to many encounters of friendly fire.

A shot of some troops in the back of a M3 halftrack which I painted up before the recce platoon to show off their cammo and the guy who has an awesome moustache in the centre.

Comparison of the two haftracks, M2 on the right. I think the M3 looks better and I like the stripy cammo. I did the cammo on my M2 with to brighter grey which I didn't like but I put the decal on overtop so didn't want to make it darker later on and have a random brighter spot under the decal.

Just a shot of the back of the jeeps and M2 halftrack.

Thats it. I have some tanks painted up but will wait till I have a whole platoon to show you. Looking forward to using these guys.


  1. These look great Steve and I love how you are churning them out at the moment. Having Steve next door does make for the odd FOW game, as we did last night. Can't wait for the FJs to take on the might of the Yanks.

  2. Very nice Steve and nice to have Dan as a neighbour I hope?

    1. Thanks, and yes it is nice, although he forgot to mention he handed 'it' to me in last nights game. Well it could have been more the fact that I made tactical blunder after tactical blunder!

  3. Looking good. I like the camo scheme on the infantry, it makes them different from the typical American troops. Every force needs a sweet moustache!

    1. Thanks Paul. I agree the camo gives it a bit of flare. The moustache was accidental but have made a few intentional ones now. After all I was thinking why is every FOW guy clean shaven! It works well with my paint scheme, brown, skin tone then wash, just leave out some skintone for the sweet mo. I also accidentally got a bit of khaki on one guy and decided, no worries I will just turn it into a beard.

  4. Good looking force Steve. Hope to have a game against them them sometime soon.


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