Saturday, 10 August 2013

British Reinforcements

I have recently completed a heavy mortar platoon and half a 6 pdr.  I say half because the blister comes with two of the four needed for a platoon.  I got one of the older blisters that did not come with a command team, but that is on its way with the second blister from FOW direct.  Here's the mortar platoon:

The Whole Platoon


One of the Teams

Piat and Observer
Here are the 6 pdrs.  I didn't use a wash on them, trying to achieve a bit of a cleaner look.  Not totally convinced, but all comments are welcome:


  1. Great looking support units. The 6pdrs look good as is. If you find the wash/dip darkens the models too much, you can always dry-brush afterwards to lighten the look. Best, Dean

  2. I agree looking good! Those mortars have already caused some havoc, a nice platoon to have on the table. Looking forward to being shot at by the pdrs.

  3. Nice looking unit, I can see no problem with the cleaner look

  4. Very good stuff, you are really churning them out now!

    Those heavy mortars pack quite a punch and the 6pdrs are certainly a mainstay of British AT, deadly against half tracks and medium Panzers and will even make Tigers think twice about assaulting...

    I loom forward to seeing them on the table some time...

  5. Thanks guys. I do like the mortars as they are a cheap way of getting mobile artillery on the table. Looking forward to seeing how the 6pdr goes. The other 2 teams are on their way..

  6. Very nice like them alot mate. the 6pdr's look find to me

  7. Nice work Dan, you've been busy! Heavy mortars are a very cost effective unit, cheap but damaging. No Brit infantry list is complete without some six pounders :-)

  8. Rather than washing, how about using some Brown ink to pick out the detail. I do that a lot on my stuff and quite like the effect. I use Windsor & Newton Peat Brown

  9. Thanks for the advice and comments everyone. Some good stuff there. I have got the other 6pdrs coming so I might try something different with them when they arrive.


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