Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pimp My Ride 1944 Style

As a British soldier in Normandy in the summer of 1944, what better to pick up your attractive young French date in, than a universal carrier.  Open topped, able to navigate through the ruins of the village your army has just decimated (or liberated).  You can even let her have a fiddle with your Bren gun while you drive...

Can be used also as a Carrier Platoon...

For those rainy nights, when a roof might be helpful, and perhaps some privacy, you can't go further than the good old 3-ton truck.  Be the envy of all your mates, as you cruise the countryside in this little number - complete with covered canopy out the back for well, whatever you and your French date might need it for...

Enough 3 tonnage there for two infantry platoons to get around

Not a 100% sure about the windows.
On the table at the moment is the boxed set of Panzer IV H's which I am not far off completing.  Watch this space for more thrilling painting updates...


  1. They all look great. I've always loved the look of Bren Carriers.

  2. Nice vehicles and terrain - love the windshield.

  3. Nice work Dan, I will look into driving a universal carrier to get round France when I am there in little over a month. Seems like a real winner. I think the windows look A OK, the camo is also pretty good.

  4. Very nice work. The humble universal carrier pops up a lot in my Brit lists, mainly because it's so cheap! I was lucky enough to ride in one once at a car show. It was incredibly uncomfortable, banging around on hard seats, having your backside cooked on hot steel. If your French date can handle that, marry her!

  5. Thanks guys - I have seen pictures of them at shows Paul and I can't imagine it being much fun riding around in them.

  6. Great work and characterful setting ;-) French flussies indeed! ;-)

    Seriously, the carriers are excellent cheap recce, and trucks are useful transport for getting troops up, just make sure you don't get caught in them, so look to park up behind concealing terrain, then jump out next turn into cover to strike from..., you don't have the occasional chance of stormtroopering out the same turn...

  7. I like the windows, but I am not a FoW-guy, so my opinion should concordedly weigh less :J


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