Monday, 17 March 2014

German Recon Platoon

I have been in a bit of a protracted hobby funk recently.  I have struggled to get motivated to pick up a paint brush, let alone blog about it.  Steve has been carrying the blog for some time now.

I have finally got around to painting up a recon platoon to go with mu Fallschirmjager army.  Mobile recon is helpful with the FJ because they are a pretty static bunch.  A lot of lists for them have infantry scout platoons for recon, which I did not like the look of.  The Ersatz FJ in Bridge by Bridge have the option of a halftrack platoon, with a sdkfz 250/1 as command and 250/9s in support.

Battlefront were out of the 250/9s, so I sourced these guys from Forged in Battle.  They have the built in base which I am not a fan of generally, but the quality of the casting was quite good and there was a lot of detail on the halftracks.  Here are the pictures:

Hopefully it will get me motivated to do some more painting!


  1. They're looking lean and mean Dan.

  2. Would never have suspected a slump in your painting by these - fabulous camo work.

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)

  4. Hey guys! Hope you see this comment or find out via my blog that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. Visit to get all the details. Cheers, Paul :-)

  5. Nice looking recce platoon.

  6. Great looking nice paint job

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