Friday, 14 March 2014

Attack Wing: D&D

Thats right folks, Dungeons and Dragons are making a game utilising the FlighPath game system seen in such games as Star Wars X-Wing which I have blogged about now and then. The game will be called Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons.

But there are no spaceships in D&D right? Well apparently players will control dragons which they will fly around the table. As far as I am aware like Star Wars X-Wing and Star Trek Fleet Captains they are releasing a starter set with 3 dragons. However unlike Star Wars and Star Trek D&D is planning on introducing ground units like giants and wizards.

Dogfighting dragons huh? I think it sounds like it would be a fun game and adding ground units will make it a more diverse game. However my gripe would be that in the space dogfights the manoeuvre dials which are used to fly can be quite clinical with either basic turns, banks or moving straight forward, this works well for spaceships, I would imagine Dragons to be able to move in a more versatile manor. Who knows what will happen anyhow, I look forward to see what they come up with. Admittedly I probably won't get this game due to already investing in Star Wars X-Wing. 

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  1. An intriguing idea... but dragons can do one thing spaceships cannot; melee! Will there be inflight grapplings with then will they fall to ground level? Will there be fly by claw rakes... will dragons have differing maneuverabilities ?

    I could be interested in an expansion; Fellbeasts vs Eagles ;-)


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