Sunday, 2 March 2014

First Gaming Table

I'm feeling pretty chuffed. After years of playing games on the kitchen table I now have a dedicated gaming table. We decided a month or two back to get a bed for the spare room which is a king single however a trundler fits perfectly underneath. The trundler not only makes two beds for guests but also raises up to the perfect hight to make the bed into a superior king sized beds for couples. We now have a new flatmate however who had a bed so we set the guest bed up in the second lounge for guests. That was when the idea came to me, if we put the spare mattress under our bed we can put a piece of ply and felt on the guest trundler to pull out for games. One of the great things about the idea is now being able to leave games set up hidden away under the bed. Fortunately my flatmate Zac is a builder so cut the ply into shape and came away with a result.

We initiated the table with a game of 2 player Eclipse. We both played combat focused race. I played Rho Indri Syndicate (effectively space prates) and Zac the Orion. Zac lost and I won my 3rd 2 player game in a row, score. In the photo you can see Zac recounting his points to confirm his defeat. 

In the background you can see some of my board game collection. 

As you can see I still need to get the felt but it is on order. In the end I am pretty stoked about all of this. It is nice to have a dedicated gaming space even if it has to be hidden away, just one step closer to a gaming room... I guess my only complaint is due to the table being a single bed its long and narrow so a odd size but it works. 

Now all I have to do is make some terrain for wargaming. I have some wood to make hedgerows following a method that I got off Big Lees Miniature Adventures here and trees from Scotts Wargaming here. Who knows I may even make some buildings with the left over MDF. 


  1. Dedicated gaming space is always a bonus!

  2. It is great feeling to "game then walk away!"... Looking forward to seeing the felt. And for more FOW tomorrow night.

    1. Agreed being able to leave games set up will be great for games club.


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