Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Red EOTD stretch goal

Well it has been little while since I have last posted. Namely because I moved house almost 2 weeks ago and Internet is still not working. So a brief filler post from my cell phone.
These are a couple of photos of Red a Empire of the dead requiem stretch goal. I quite like this model and think it's a lovely addition to a lycaon faction.

So that is all. Oh and I hope you enjoy my fantasy lords box in the background.

 Side note blogger mobile is rubbish and messing with formatting and auto-correct.


  1. Nice work Steve - it is a good model that fits nicely with the Lycaons

  2. She a dynamic figure... feels like she's about to leap off the base and come atcha! I agree with the Lycaon vibe...

  3. Thanks for your comments. Dan alerted me to a suspicious hair like coil in the photo. I assure you it's not what you think it is, or is it, can't be sure really. Haha well that's awkward.


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