Saturday, 21 December 2013

Empire of the Dead Requiem Finished

I finished off the last of the stretch goal miniatures that came with the Empire of the Dead Requiem Kickstarter.  A good feeling of completion at getting the job done.  I am now turning my attention to Radagast and Gandalf, the last of the Escape from Goblin Town miniatures I have left before jumping back into Flames of War.

Here's Tom Gaunt and Deathlocke Bones and the Bad Doctor:

Here are all the stretch goal guys together:

Here are the guys that I chose:

Plus Gentlemen with Guns:

And here is all eighteen together:

I love basking in that warm feeling of task completion.  Very satisfying.


  1. Well done Dan. They all look fantastic, and are quite a colourful bunch.

  2. Great job getting them all done!

  3. Wonderful work, you have really cracked the whip getting these all done. Most impressed!

  4. These models are all very shinny. Great work Dan. I quite like zombie Sherlock and Watson.


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