Sunday, 5 May 2013

X-Wing Wave 3 Announced!

So apparently the wave 3 Star Wars X-Wing ships were announced on May the 4th. Heh. My FLGS posted about it on Facebook and now I'm in the know. I am getting my information from the Star Wars Common Ground blog. The release date is TBC. The photo quality is not top notch sorry to say. 

So here we go.

Lambda-class Shuttle

This new imperial ship looks awesome, probably my favorite of the lot. As you can see on the tag its not final but still, its looking awesome.

A sample pilot

Looks similar to the falcon in terms of stats, but why is it so cheap? I assume it doesn't have 360 firing. What's that new upgrade? Well apparently its Advanced Sensors.

Advanced sensors
TIE Bomber

All we have here is the photo. Obviously it will be able to have bombs. However I am not sure that that is a great thing for me as I officially suck at dropping them. I have a 0% hit rate. I kind of think the ship looks ugly but I guess its designed for functionality.

The Moldy Crow aka HWK-290

I really like the look of this new rebel ship, thought I noticed some distaste from others to it. It doesn't look that strong, only 1 attack and 2 evade. It isn't amazingly cheap either, seems to come at a similar price to the Y-Wing.

Moldy Crow
A blurry side shot.

It has some good upgrades with the pilot upgrade and the turret. Hopefully they will make another turret rather than just the ion cannon turret (which is pretty good however).


I don't really like the look of this ship I must admit. I assume being a B-Wing it is a bomber so like the TIE Bomber It may not be a good buy for me.

Final Thoughts

I think I am the most keen for the Lambda-Class Shuttle, it looks awesome. Second to that is the Moldy Crow, just not sure about its stats. The TIE Bomber and the B-Wing don't quite do if for me... Yet. I guess I have enough ships as it is, so I may just expand my collection by two. 

Photo Source: Ryan “Picasso” Krippendorf @ FFG’s Star Wars Gaming Experience. Photo by Ryan “Picasso” Krippendorf. See more about Star Wars X-Wing here(EDIT: I found some new photos here. They are much better photos and make the TIE Bomber and B-Wing look cooler than the photos above look making me more keen on them). 

X-Wing vs fire-spray from wave 2


  1. Sweet models!

    The cards really make it Star Wars, in my opinion - these classic character names and whatnot. Like in the earlier battle-report, with the bounty-hunter Fett and his ship. So... movie-like and seems to be easy to get sucked into.

    Personally I am more of a Star Trek-fan (see Jamie's "Rough War (of the Ring)" battle-report below) but the availability of this game is much, much better, at least in my local area.

    And there's something so familliar and cozy with these models and the things I've heard about the game... luckily the price tag is still just above what I allow myself :D

  2. I agree Star Trek is way cooler, yet X-Wing is easier to get your hands on. The game defiantly has a cinematic feel to it. Star Fleet looks like a cool game.

  3. Replies
    1. They do. I found some better images here
      Makes me more keen on the TIE Bomber and then a little bit more keen on the B-Wing.

  4. Star Trek (new movies aside) doesn't do it for me. On a wargaming front it would be a bit like BSG - one big ship on one side and lots of smaller ones on the other - or am I just showing my ignorance? Sounds limited scenario wise.

  5. Just played my first game with a mates stuff, loved it, great models, for some reason I really like that shuttle more than anything else.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I agree, the shuttle looks like a great model. Glad you enjoyed the game, it is pretty awesome!

  6. The tie-bomber will be able to take 2xTorpedoes, 2xMissiles and one bomb. there will be a new bomb as well, that deals critical damage automatically.

    1. I am more keen on it after seeing the cards. However it is only critical damage if you can fire those shots off before it gets destroyed. I know I would target the B-Wing early on if it is loaded up as it will be a costly loss to the empire!


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