Wednesday, 1 May 2013

X-Wing Preystalker mission thoughts

A few weeks back Matt, my regular X-Wing gamer, and I tried out our first X-Wing mission, Preystalker. This mission came with the Slave 1 and I thought it looked pretty cool. The basics, the imperials have a bounty on one of the rebel ships and they have to take it down. To make things more complicated the imperials only have 90 points to spend but the rebels 150, although the ship with the bounty costs double points! I will briefly go over our game and then some thoughts.

Set Up

As you can see the rebels have to set up backwards, a major disadvantage. The imperials can set up within range 1-3 and the rebels range 3 from their side of the table. Oh and did I mention the rebels also all have stress... Oh Dear.

I opted for Boba Fett, I mean how could you not use him in a bounty hunting scenario! I also added in a tie and an interceptor. Matt used a 4 X-Wing build, putting the bounty on Luke and using Bigs to defend him. When choosing the character with the bounty you have to double their ship points, but as a bonus they get 10 free points worth of upgrades.

The Game

The game was a swift victory for me, I think starting facing the wrong way can be pretty hard and needs some quick and cleaver manoeuvring while protecting the bounty.

Keeping Boba at Heavy Laser Cannon distance
Interceptor in some trouble
X-Wing down!

So I may not have got these photos in the right order. Also, I did some pretty bad manoeuvring this game, but managed to load the damage quickly onto Luke and took away the victory. 


We played another game after this which ended similar thought Matt lasted a bit longer. I don't think the sides were uneven just needed some pretty swish manoeuvring from the rebels to survive. However did I think it was a good mission? Not really. I thought it was still for both sides just a shoot out, pretty similar to the base game. I think the other missions may be better as they add new gaming mechanics and interesting objectives. With that in mind...

4.5 out of 10

Though it's advantage is it is quicker than a standard 100 point game. I am keen to try out some more missions however, but this one can collect dust. 

See more on X-Wing? Click here. More boardgame reviews? Click here. Photos taken with a Canon 600d.

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