Sunday, 19 May 2013

Who is John Hurt, Doctor Who season 7 finale

Normally we do posts on table top games, however I thought I would do a one off post on Doctor Who. I figure it fits in with the geek (I like to think chic) vibe of our blog. However I must admit I found this season an underwhelming, dragged out season, scattered over almost a year. There where some high points like Asylum of the Daleks, the first episode. However the last episode I thought was a little bit unexciting, yet has raised some questions about the 50th anniversary episode. I would probably give it a 6.5/10

I will try keep this as spoiler free as I can. However there will be one main spoiler, I personally don't think it is a big one, however it is hard to say so don't read on if you are worried. Don't say I didn't warn you! 

The poster for the season 7 finale

So I am not really interested in going into the episode. However at the end it introduced the Doctors darkest secret. Which apparently is, well, himself played by actor John Hurt. This was introduced with what I thought was a pretty cool shot and title, here it is:

Cool huh, well maybe that shot doesn't do it justice but I love shots with 'Introducing said person as character'. So there is of course plenty of speculation already as to who he is and where he fits into the Doctors timeline. The internet seems to point towards the Valeyard which is an amalgamation of the Doctor's dark aspects, supposedly between the 12th and final incarnation. The Valeyard was introduced with the 6th doctor in Trial of a Time Lord.

Another suggestion which I thought sounded pretty good was that John Hurt was playing the Doctor between the 8th and 9th when the Doctor destroys Gallifrey. Some people thing that John Hurt will be both. Perhaps he will just be the next Doctor after Matt Smith, a new Doctor could be nice. Matt Smith has bene good but there comes a time for the Doctor to move on, just as it was time for the Pond's to go. Who ever he is I am sure not many people will get it right, only the crew of Doctor Who will know. Till November.

Well I am looking forward to the 50th anniversary episode. The return of David Tennant and John Hurt as a mysterious incarnation of the Doctor will hopefully make for a good episode. 


  1. I was well confused and quite shocked when they introduced John Hurt! I'm no Dr Who expert, but I thought he could have been the 1st Dr, before William Hartnell?? But what the hell do I know???

  2. It could be. I can't say I am a big expert either! I don't think we will really know till November however speculating can be allot of fun.

  3. Wait, is David Tennant coming back? Who is John Hurt? Is Matt Smith leaving the show? WHAT IS HAPPENING????

    1. David Tennant is coming back for one episode only, exciting! I have no idea if Matt Smith is leaving and I don't think there is anything to indicate that... Yet. Who is John Hurt, apart from an actor and the Doctor we don't know. Looking forward to finding out more as time goes on! Bring on November.

  4. John Hurt could be The Other...thoughts?
    He wasn't The Doctor back then.
    Matt Smith knows him already, so it has to be in his past. The time war has been talked about, so no secret there. But Rasilon, Omega and the Other are responsible for the Time Lords being who they are. I said he is me, I didn't say he was The Doctor.

    1. This is exactly what I was thinking. A lot of people think he is either the Valeyard or the 8.5 Doctor. but personally I think he is The Other.


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