Monday, 29 July 2013

Guess Who? Stugs and Star Wars.

Finally throughout a few busy weeks I have managed to fit in the time to finish my Open Fire StuG G anti-tank guns. Without further to do here they are:

I don't have any terrain at my house so they are being displayed on my quilt

The Lieutenant with his red and blue corded headphones. 

The fabled StuG with the graphite Geboren Um Zu Toten
translated as "Born To Kill"
I thought I would have a bit of fun with my graffitied stug, it also happened to be the first one I painted. I looked at about four different translators to try and get the most accurate translation. I ended up using this website which compared four of the most common translators so I could pick the most common translation. Every translator except babylon had Geboren Um Zu Toten. 

You may have also noted, if you have been following the blog that these stugs have seen some action, not quite completed. Check out the session reports here and here

I think I overdid the camo on top of the tanks, not leaving enough khaki brown to brave the world. I also did the same cargo on two of the tanks... oops. I think when I get some more tanks to paint up I will try out some different camo patterns and techniques. I used the stippling technique for these tanks. 

Same baggage, at least they are painted slightly different. 

Eagle eye view

So there you go, the StuG Gs from the Open Fire box set. Pretty neat! 

In other news, I was away in Napier over the weekend and scored Star Wars Guess Who! OK its not that exciting and doesn't warrant its own post so I have tacked it on this one. However I think it will be a bit of fun to play with some younger gamers... Err quite young as I think, as much as I enjoyed Guess Who, I grew out of it around 8-10 and Risk became a fast favourite.  Here is a shot of one of the boards:

Pity its has the new trilogy characters, especially Jar Jar Binks *shudder*,
although Natalie Portman is hot ;)
(I had a high school crush on her, mainly because of Garden State)

Stugs ridding into the night (or ridding into the quilt)


  1. Good StuGs Steve! They look great.

    1. Thanks Scott. I am pretty happy with them for my first tanks.

  2. Nice StuGs. I like the personal touches in an army, like the graffiti. They add to the fun :-)
    Instead of dicing off to see who attacks in a FoW game, maybe you could have a quick round of Star Wars Guess Who? "Does your character have a sweet 70's mustache? Is it Chewbacca? Whaddaya mean no?!?!?"

    1. Cheers! I agree the personal touches can make a army stand out and are a bit of fun. Now I am just trying to think what next.

      Nothing like a good game of guess who to start a fow game and reduces the luck element of dice rolling.

  3. Great stuff Steve - the commander on the Stug looks cool and the quilt is a great touch. I think we could somehow use the Guess Who for a Star Wars knock out - how I don't know. Paul's idea is a good one too though - for those crunch decisions in FOW, rather than roll a dice, you have to guess which character in Star Wars you are. Might be a little too contentious...

    1. Thanks Dan. Perhaps as a way to determine if the dice is cocked.

  4. Nice looking Stug unit, and the commander is very nice too. Best, Dean


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