Sunday, 14 July 2013

Empire of the Dead: Requiem update

It looks like the EOTD Requiem miniatures are working out nicely. On the kickstarter page yesterday there was another update with some of the new models painted up nicely.

The photo from left to right:- The Great Detective, Order of the Dragon thug 1, order of the Dragon thug 2, Lord Godalming, Chef (Victorian Servants), Houseman (vic servants), Maid, (vic servants), The Monster, Butler (vic servants) Dr Jeykell, Coachman (vis servants) Mr Hyde.

Looks like everything is on schedual for shipping end of August - September. Unfortunatly I will be going away late September for 6 weeks in Europe so wont be able to paint my minitures straight away. Still, something to look forward to.

Here is a photo of some of the other requium minitures they have compleated.I am looking forward to getting the Supernatural Branch figures to make my faction look more authenitic.

In other news the Flames of War open fire boxset is coming along nicely. I have almost finished my StuGs and pak40s and will post photos soon.


  1. Stunning looking miniatures Dan.

  2. The expected delivery date gives us enough time to get our FOW armies painted up and be ready for something different.

  3. Looking forward to delivery time :-)

  4. I can't wait either. not long to go fingers crossed :D


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