Saturday, 20 July 2013

Flames of War at Scott's Place

Friday night saw Steve and I travel up the coast to Scott's place (from Scott's wargaming) to play a game of Flames of War with Scott and Paul from Kapiti Flames of War.  Steve and I have been embracing Flames of War recently, but really need some help to get to grips with the rules.  Big thanks to Scott and Paul to give up playing a competitive game with each other and using their time to take us newbies through the rules.

We played the no retreat mission, with Steve and I playing a company of FJs (two platoons and one with fausts), Pak40s and 3 stugs.  Here are the pictures:

You'll see above the first lesson of the night: when you are defending it is best to actually contest the objectives...

Scott starts with a recce move up the road
We ambush the Shermans on the Left Flank and Steve takes out the whole platoon

After putting up a good fight the stugs are then taken out
Meanwhile on the right flank...

Our Infantry come on as reserves and push up to contest the objective

You can see the might of the German forces on the left

And now with a few friends to help out

Steve's epic role in his counter assault (4x 1s and a 2)

Scott's Brits mopping up
We called the game about 10:40 - Scott magnanimously saying that it was evenly balanced.  We had a long drive home so we couldn't really keep going.

Steve and I learnt heaps from the night - seeing reconnaissance in action and being able to see the correct way that hit allocation and assaults are done.  We were tactically naive (we probably played with the tactical insight of a five year old), but that is because our understanding of the rules and the mechanic is so limited.  We are now keen to bring on more games so we can consolidate what we have learnt and develop a strategic approach to our different armies.


  1. Thanks for making the trip up guys, was great to meet you and fun to hang out and push a few toy soldiers around. Glad you got something out of it, and no doubt plenty more questions! We'll have to visit you some time, and I'll dig out some contact details for a few other experienced players in Wellington if you like.



  2. As Paul said, it was our pleasure. Always happy to help new guys to the game. Certainly appreciate you guys making the drive up the coast, and we'll no doubt make a trip south to your venue when it suits.
    Hope to see more of you guys and happy to help with any queries. We even learned some new stuff, things we had been doing wrong too, in games over the first day of the tournie. Always interesting!

  3. It was great having a game with you guys and getting to grip with the rules a bit more. Looking forward to some more games in the future.

    I hope Panzershrek is going well, rooting for your team, err, well your also the only team I know. I'm keen to hear how it all goes. Maybe Dan and I will have to enter next year...

  4. Sounds like a great game, new friends made and lessons learnt.

    1. It was heaps of fun and great to get to know some guys with a similar interest! We are certainly learning, thankfully the rules are starting to make more sense.

  5. Great looking game with equally fine looking troops. Best, Dean

  6. Great looking game guys and always good to get to grips with the rules with somemone who has a handle on them.

  7. Thanks Craig and Dean - Steve and I are going to consolidate our understanding of the rules a bit so we can have a competitive game with Scott and Paul next time round.


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