Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2014 Briefing

Getting ready for another Flames of War game this week Dan and I stepped into the games room and this is what we found...

The thoughts of finishing last weeks game were crushed as Dans daughter had attempted her own game. It puts a whole new meaning on the phrase 'panzer parking lot'. So we decided the only possible solution was a pint at the pub and plan out 2014.

We discussed three key different gaming activities to be on the cards. Number one of course gaming and more specifically Flames of War. We decided to stress the fact that this was not just gaming, but training as Dan and I want to give competitive FOW a shot.

Board-gaming is number two. There are lots of games out there we want to give a shot. I am hoping to get a copy of Twilight Imperium an epic space game at some point. There are also a few new games on the shelf like Galaxy Trucker and Firefly the group is keen to take for a spin.

A stegosaurs has taken over the galaxy in Firefly

Lastly we want to give RPGs another shot but break away from D&D and it's shoddy combat mechanic (see details of our last adventures here). We have had ideas over the last while of Call of Cthulhu which has more of an emphasis on role-playing and investigation rather that combat. Cut out the bad and in with the new I say.

Happy Gaming for 2014!

Just a small side note. After last weeks Flames of War game I have had inspiration and have got back into painting. I just have been bogged down by my large american armoured rifle platoon so it is taking a while to finish. Photos of at least the infantry by the end of the week... hopefully.  


  1. You just gotta love kids, it either that or.................?

  2. Good save with the pint! At least there was nothing broken.

  3. Most amusing, at least she's taking an interest!
    Best of luck with your plans for 2014!

  4. Thanks guys for your comments and we can hope you enjoy what's coming up this year as we translate it on to the blog.

  5. Very amusing indeed. You find Call of Cthulhu to be a great game where the combat is deadly. You have to plan out your attacks on Cthulhu monsters if you hope to prevail. I like the Roman version too.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Robert. Call of Cthulhu certainly sounds like a well made and thematic RPG.

  6. Bless her, she does love playing with them, but I have had a few dropped things...


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