Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Return of Steve! Woohoo!

Last night was the first games night at my new place and marked also the return of Steve from his trip.  He arrived after a 24 hour flight from Paris at about 4:30pm and then came to games night at 7:30!  What a legend!  Here is looking rather chipper after such a trip:
Nothing like a long trip to read up on the rules!
We got into our first Empire of the Dead game for a while - choosing the Lost Artifact scenario.  Alex and I took a half share each of my gentleman's faction and Steve and Chris shared his Peelers.  Twas not a good night for Steve and Chris - here's how their fellows ended up:

They did find the artifact first, but then got pasted.  Here's the rest of the pictures:

I am working out a new roading system with Malifaux tiles - I intend to fill the gaps at some stage

Half the Peelers before they got hammered

The new pub

Allo allo allo what do we ave ere then?
Peelers with the artifact about to be munched 
Fun night and good getting to grips with the rules again.  We are going to do a board game next week but me and Steve are going to be getting into the painting so we should be updating on that front regularly.


  1. Welcome back Steve, flew in and gamed....top man!

  2. Top looking game, and glad to see Steve safely home
    Peace James

  3. Thanks peoples. It was q fun game despite the pasting. I blame jet lag.

  4. Welcome home Steve! Yeah Jet lag is a bugger alright! Great looking setup too. Who or what beat up the peelers?

    1. My Gentlemans Club. It is a dark fire club able to call zombies. We used our old list that are valued at around 220 shillings.

    2. I think it was also in part the faction wasn't well made . It was my old gentleman club before the supernatural branch rules came out where all the membership had pistols. Pistols are good but diversity is better.

  5. Nice report. Looking forward to you fleshing out your factions with the new additions.

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