Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Jack the Ripper and some Gratuitous Breasts

I feel like, in painting the Requiem miniatures, I have developed my painting skills somewhat.  In particular, I have improved on painting white, which has always been a problem for me (see perambulator boots guy).  Black has been the other difficulty.  Getting the highlights right using the right shade of grey has always been a pain.  For that reason Jack the Ripper caused me some consternation and I stared at him for some time thinking about how to deal with all the black.  In the end I think I have made some real progress on the black front, in particular by darkening up the grey mid tone highlight and block painting more than I usually would.  Here he is:

In here comes Sherlock to take him down:

And I nearly forgot about the gratuitous breast shot - which is included solely as a pastiche / homage to all those blogs which use such titles to gain hits:



  1. Great job he looks excellent its certainly paid off. Great Breasts as well Phwooar indeed!

  2. Very good work on the black !!
    (and the other colours, obviously !)

  3. LOL, great stuff , got my attention,... stuffed with a garlic & blue cheese sauce and wrapped in parma ham, yum!... Nice job the the Ripper too, great work!

  4. Thanks guys - it is a little experiment to see if we get lots more hits when we put the word "breasts" in the title.

  5. Nice work Dan. It takes real skill to make something with a limited colour palette "pop" like that, and I think you've pulled it off. More of a drumstick man myself though :-)

  6. Very cool figures, Dan. I love Sherlock!

    1. Thanks Dean - Sherlock is cool. I have a Watson figure that goes with him as well.

  7. Awesome work Dan. Your work on the black gives me hope! After seeing this guy in real life (the model not jack the ripper) I can vouch for the great job dan has made on this guy.

  8. Great work Dan and great breasts too!

  9. Haha, you got me looking! I am such an idiot ;) The model's are looking great BTW. I wonder how I can use this tactic myself, something with "hot models" or something, the next time I post an update about the dwarves... something with lava bases, or perhaps Gandalf smoking his pipe: "Smoking hot models... " hm...


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