Saturday, 26 July 2014

Rebel Aces - B Wing

A new post so soon? It was kind of an emergency as this morning Fantasy Flight released info on the new B-wing spaceship in the rebel aces expansion pack. I guess I am pretty excited as I genuinely think the B-wing is one of the best spaceships in Star Wars X-wing at the moment.

The new B wing with the new paint scheme. 

Pretty good looking ship huh. Fact is I don't care much for how it looks, at first I thought it was an ugly ship and who would buy that however it has grown on me. However more importantly what does it add to the X-Wing game. First up the new pilots:

Both these pilots have pretty sweet abilities, Keyan being able to negate the negatives of stress which is especially potent with the new technology to stress enemy ships. Nera Dantels (cool last name) who effectively has a torpedo turret! I think with the release of the Tie Phantom who is criminally manoeuvrable lots of fans cried foul saying it is an unbeatable ship so FFG decided to add some more turret ships into the mix to negate this and here we have another and on my favourite ship!

Now another exciting addition is:

Now you can add crew to your B-Wing. Nice. Consider this for a admittedly point expensive ship

Nera Dantels with
Recon specialist (gain 2 focus)
Dead eye
Advanced proton torpedoes

at 39 points it is a tad silly however now you can take a focus action and get the focus you need to spend on firing the missiles with dead eye and then a focus to convert eyes to hits, with Advanced proton torpedoes this is insane as you covert up to 3 blanks to focus out of your 5 attack device. That is a huge alpha strike! Probably a better way to use Nera is

Nera with
2x F torpedoes
munitions failsafe

at 31 points still expensive but not so bad. The Ftorps are a 3 attack torpedoes which always stresses the target you shoot at. Being a turret it leaves the phantom little places to go and stress really hurts it. The munitions failsafe stops you from having to discard you torpedoes if it misses which with the Ftorps is nice as it stresses the ship either way. 

Needless to say I can't wait for this expansion and some more B-Wing shenanigans. 


  1. Pretty fancy! I'm expecting you to maintain this daily posting regime now too :-)

  2. The ability to turn stress inti a focus is pretty huge really. Coupled with the b wings koiogran 2 move, that makes the ship pretty powerful. Unlike you Steve, the new paint job is just as important as the new abilities for me!

    1. Yeah that ability is sick (did I just say that) especially with all the new fancy tech designed to stress ships. I like the new paint job.


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