Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Stripping thunderbolt

That was as raunchy I could make that title sound. As you probably guessed this post is about paint stripping my battlefront P-47 thunderbolt. After multiple attempts of trying to paint the panels white unsuccessfully I finally made the decision to strip the paint and start again. When I made that decision, instead of feeling like I wasted hours it felt good knowing that I had accepted defeat and could start afresh. Unfortunately I did not take photos of my failed paint job so you will just get some pictures of the stripped model.

The first choice I had to make was what to strip it with. I read some pretty mixed thoughts about using nail polish. One forum had some guy saying...
Whens the best time to use nail polish to remove paint? Never! 
So what do I do? Tempt fate and use nail polish on my ?resin P-47 Thunderbolt because I couldn't be bothered getting anything else. Here is the chemical ingredients full of nasty things that may ruin my model.

I believe I read some advice that dipping for short 5 second period then scrubbing with a toothbrush did the trick. So that is what I did. About 10 minuets later this is what I got: 

Not bad. I didn't get some of the paint off, not sure why but it just wouldn't budge. I believe there is some definition missing but nothing noticeable. I guess I would recommend for those who are planning on doing this. Dip the model in nail polish for about 5 seconds, then scrub some paint off the repeat till its all shinny. 

I think I will do a paint scheme along these lines...

Except for with teeth and:


Quoted of course from Apocalypse Now, brilliant film.


  1. Ive always found SimpleGreen an excellent safe paint remover. Takes a longer soak though. Best of luck with the new paintjob!

    1. Cheers Scott. I will look into that for next time.

  2. Following a spray primer disaster, I just stripped a load of resin tanks by using Dettol disinfectant, It was the first time I tried it and I was bloody impressed.

  3. Worked out well Steve. I too have used Dettol with good results.

  4. Thanks for the comment Dan and Paul. I have heard dettol works I just ended up using what was in the house. Perhaps I will give it a shot for a safer option next time.

    As a side note. I wonder if coke would work...

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