Sunday, 7 April 2013

Weekend of games, Formula D, 7 Wonders and more!

This weekend Dan and I were away with a bunch of others and managed to play four awesome games! Most of these were group games as it was a crowd of non-gamers. One of them, Formula D is quickly becoming a favorite! In played order:

7 Wonders

This is the second game of 7 wonders I have manage to play (and Dan's first) although my last was a while ago so I hardly remember.

I had a lighthouse, 'wonderful!' 
7 wonders is a pretty good game! The game mechanic is clever and there is enough interaction to keep you on your toes. I found, however that it was hard to know all the various ways to get victory points, because there is a lot! As a new player I found we tended to focus on clear ways to get points, such as the blue victory points cards and the red fighting cards. I am definitely keen to play more to get more of an idea.

The Resistance

I added The Resistance to my collection about a month back at Boardgames By the Bay. The Resistance is kinda like Mafia but has a better game mechanic, no player elimination, and it's quick! Our whole group played, so it was a 9 player game! The only problem with The Resistance (more of a problem with me) is that I haven't quite worked out how to tell who the spies are. I guess that will come with time.

Formula D

This game is good. I will have to write a review of it soon. We played a four player game, which I thought would not be as good as a larger game but it was still pretty good. If you want to read more of my thoughts on it check it out here. Dan won this game, starting from last position. I lost, though I was in the lead for a good portion of the game I handled the last corner badly and got overtaken... by everyone.

Dixit Odyssey

Dixit Odyssey is a good group game I have had for a little while now. The premise is similar to Apples to Apples. You have a hand of cards all with pretty awesome artwork, one person is the storyteller and says a phrase or word about their card then places it down. After that everyone chooses a card they think matches it. After this everyone votes for the card they think was the original to get points plus hope people vote for their card to get even more points! The catch is the storyteller gets no points if nobody or everybody votes for their card so they have to come up with a semi-obscure clue.

I like Dixit but I find the problem is when you have more players (we had 11 as some more people joined us in the morning) is that it takes ages to score each round. This gets a bit tedious after a while. However it is a good game for a wide range of people.

See my review of Settlers of Catan hereFor those interested, games club is back up and running with our Empire of the Dead campaign so another EOTD post from Dan should be up soon. 

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  1. I can see formula d being a regular game we play because it has just the right mix of luck and skill and is easy for new players to pick up. Keen to own it myself actually so I can play it with the kids. I am keen to give 7 wonders another go (having come last). There was a lot more strategy than I realised on that one. I must say that board games are a good counterpoint to wargamming. A little less intense and personal, which is good for a little while...


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