Monday, 18 February 2013

Firefly: The Game!

I notice this a week back Firefly: the boardgame!

I felt my heart rate rising as I am sure any fan would. A game based on one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

I must admit, although the cards look great, the board doesn't catch my interest just yet. However it looks like they may be touching it up a bit as suggested by the "Images not final." Apparently it is based on a game called Spartacus: A game of blood and treachery. I have not played this game but it is well rated, in the top 500 on boardgamegeek. 

Here is a little description from the publisher about the gameplay, and it sounds good! 
In Firefly: The Game, players captain their own Firefly-class transport ship, traveling the ‘Verse with a handpicked crew of fighters, mechanics and other travelers.  As a captain desperate for work, players are compelled to take on any job -- so long as it pays.  Double-dealing employers, heavy-handed Alliance patrols and marauding Reavers are all in a day’s work for a ship’s captain at the edge of the ‘Verse. 
Check out the publishers, Gale Force 9, official statement here.

By Steveisatree. 

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  1. Oh, I would have totally missed this game if it weren't for you. Somehow I missed it on BGG.

    Thanks for this little nugget :)


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