Sunday, 10 August 2014


For about the last year I have been using trade-me quite a bit. It is a New Zealand Ebay equivalent I guess you could say. Last week I got two items I am pretty stoked about. Item one is a Monsterpocolypse starter kit a strategic war game with giant monsters. Whats not to love?

In all honesty I don't really know how to play but it is highly rated and comes with heaps of cool monsters and buildings and a map for only $30. I am picking it up at Call To Arms tournament in a weeks time. The second item is the Tantive IV which is a giant x wing spaceship. 

It is a beast.

I thought I would give some tips which hopefully apply to wider than just trade me.
  1. Always ask for a better price. If you don't ask you will never know, and if they say no, no skin of your back! 
  2. Create watch lists.  On trade me I have set searches for games I am interested in however don't feel any pressing need to get straight away. 

Here is a screenshot from my favourites,
I get an email if anything comes up every 3 days. 
3. Don't get it if you feel the price is to high, something else will alway come up. If the seller can't sell often they will re-list it with a lower price, I have got items this way a few times including the tantive IV.

I am sure there are other tips which are not on the top of my mind currently but you get the picture. Always ask questions, be patient, keep an eye out! If you have any other ideas put it down below. I guess I should share my major success story. Twilight imperium which is normally $150-$200 I scored for $29, bargain huh! I waited about 2 years before this bargain came up however I didn't care so much as its such a long game (looking at 8 hours) I knew it wouldn't get much table time. 


  1. Some good scores there Steve, that Tantive IV is massive! I am a regular Trademe haunter too, there are some bargains to be had. I've found it worthwhile looking at what else a seller has listed. Sometimes they will have more than one thing that you are interested in, and can be more inclined to add a buy-now price if they know several auctions will sell. You can also get cheaper postage if they box multiple items up together.

  2. That Tantive IV is massive what a great score.

  3. Very cool - love the cover art on the Monsterpocalypes box. Best, Dean

  4. Great kits love the X-wing stuff

  5. That ship looks like the one Laya was captured on by Darth?

    Have to agree I scour trademe all the time, though never thought to ask for a cheaper price!

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